Secondhand Bookshop

Buy and sell your textbooks easily with the LTSU!

How do I buy books online?
  • First, locate your booklist on the LMS or through the La Trobe Subject Search
  • Search (use exact spelling) title, authorm edition or ISBN 
  • If stock = 0 we do NOT have this product
  • Click on the book title, select 'add to cart' then sign in to complete order
  • NOTE if you have purchased a book with us prior to 2017 you will have an existing account, simply log in. If you have not you will need to create a new account.
How do I sell books?
  • Call or come into the LTSU Reception (Bundoora campus) with your books to make sure that we definitely accept the books you'd like to sell with us. 
  • Fill out the LTSU Second-Hand Bookshop contract (two pages) by downloading this agreement or filling it out at the LTSU Reception counter
  • We'll keep your books for one year and if the books sell we will transfer the funds to your bank or paypal account within one fortnight.
  • You can choose to recycle or collect your books if they do not sell in one year.
  • Please note: payment ONLY occurs after your book has been bought by another student. We CANNOT pay you in cash.
Why choose us?
  • Free service for anyone to use (including non-La Trobe students)
  • Fast turnaround on sales
  • The best commission offered on campus
  • Not for profit service supporting students
  • Inter-campus transfers available
  • Guaranteed high quality books